Who we are?

We are KodePi Lab, an innovative startup company who builds software products and services for our customers. Our contact information and address are provided at the bottom of this Privacy Policy. We are the final controllers of your personal data and we process it in accordance with the conditions stipulated in this Privacy Policy. Additional information on the processing of your personal data can be found in offers, or in notifications that are displayed when personal data is collected. We have our own Privacy Policy with a description of the procedure with which your personal information is processed in our products and services. If a notification is displayed during data collection, or a privacy statement for a specific product or service contradicts this Privacy Policy, the statement or notification will prevail over this Privacy Policy.

Whose personal data do we process?

  • Our customers and/or users, or someone who uses our services and/or products that have been developed by us.
  • Our client and/or vendor, or someone who contracts us to build a product on their behalf.
  • Our employee, subcontractor or people who are interested in working with us.

What kind of personal information do we collect?

  • Personal information (eg. address, telephone number, e-mail address or other contact details) that is made available to us during telephone calls, e-mail correspondence and while using our website (information collected when subscribing to newsletters; placing an order, participating in advertising campaign or survey).
  • Forms being submitted to us for an enquiry or to report a problem. Information regarding a collaboration between KodePi Lab and you or your employer (e.g. specifications/ idea/design of a product or a service that you want us to develop).
  • Other personal data necessary to create and/or execute an agreement and/or contract with you or your employer (e.g. information obtained from credit agencies, or other information set out in an agreement between KodePi Lab and you, your employer).

To whom do we disclose your personal information

  • Including branches, firms and business units associated with us, every member of our group.
  • To enforce all deals and contracts we enter into, or other agreements and/or transactions that take place during our work with you or your employer; our corporate partners, and subcontractors;

How long we process your personal data?

As long as it takes to accomplish the purpose (goals) for which this data was initially gathered, we process your personal data. After that, your data will be removed or moved to an archive, except in situations where it is appropriate to continue processing your data in order to comply with our regulatory requirements or other legal reasons.

Personal data security

In compliance with this policy, we safeguard and process the knowledge we have been trusted with. To ensure the protection of this personal data against unauthorized entry, use, and dissemination, KodePi Lab takes physical, administrative, and technical steps. We also insist that our firms and business units protect this information from unauthorized entry, use, and dissemination in compliance with our agreements. However, as we have no means of ensuring full data protection on the Internet, we are unable to provide you with a complete assurance of the security of the information you share with us.

Your Rights

You can request access to the corresponding personal data. You could demand that any incorrect personal data we have about you be edited, in certain circumstances (for example, if the processing of your personal data is no longer necessary), you can request the deletion of those data.

Your Consent

You agree to the provisions of our Privacy Policy and our collection of personal information for the reasons set out above when accessing this page, as well as those explained when we gather personal information from our products' website.

Changes to privacy policy

Any modifications made in the future to this Privacy Policy will be reported on this website and will be forwarded to you via email if necessary. To stop missing critical changes to our privacy policies, please visit this Privacy Policy page from time to time.

Contact Us

Your data is controlled by KodePi Lab. To get more information on how we handle your data, please direct your inquiry to our email at support@kodepi.com.